Travel and come home WITHOUT Athlete's Foot Fungus

Statistically, 70% of people will, at some point, get athlete's foot. If your feet are in a closed and moist environment, you are a good candidate for contracting athlete's foot fungus. So how can you protect yourself when you travel and you are in your shoes for hours and hours?

If you need to fly, your first potential area of infection is now the airport security area. You, along with all the other passengers, must now remove your footwear before walking through the metal detector. Protect yourself by always wearing shoes (or sneakers) and socks when you travel. Never wear sandals or you’ll be walking, barefoot, the same path as literally thousands of other people. What a perfect place to get infected.

Wear socks made of absorbent material, material that will pull moisture away from your feet. Wear breathable shoes or sneakers. Use anti-fungal powder before your trip. Pour some into your socks before putting them on. If you’ll be wearing the same socks for longer than 10 hours, have an extra pair of socks with you. Change into the clean ones as your goal is to keep your feet clean and dry.

In hotel rooms, never, ever put a bare foot down onto the floor. That includes the carpet, the bathroom and the shower. Wear slippers or flip-flops in the room and down the hall. After your shower, dry your feet thoroughly before putting your socks on.

Going to enjoy the pool or hot tub at your hotel? Wear something on your feet until you get right to pool or spa side. The damp, warm environment surrounding pools is an excellent breeding environment for the fungus.

Do you have time to relax in your room? Remove your shoes and socks and put your feet up. Allow the air to circulate around them.

Keeping your feet cool and dry, and not walking barefoot, will help you avoid coming home from your trip with athlete's foot fungus.

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